Acquisition Management - R. Marshall Engelbeck
Acquisition Management

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© 2001, 7” x 10” hardcover, 448 pages
ISBN 978-1-56726-128-8
Product Code B280
By R. Marshall Engelbeck

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Today's Best Procurement Practices

"Acquisition Management is a great book for those in the government acquisition business. It is complete and well documented. I was especially impressed with the format which makes it valuable for training people new to the acquisition field and as a reference to those with more experience."

Brig. Gen. James C. Dever, Jr.
USAF (Ret.)
Formerly, DCS Contracting and Manufacturing, Air Force Systems Command

Whether you're a contractor or government personnel, one thing is for sure: The federal procurement process is undergoing a major overhaul. And, to be successful, you must master a host of new methods, rules, and requirements. New from Management Concepts, Acquisition Management is the first step-by-step guide to the government's new strategies and methods for procurement.

This new, streamlined acquisition process adopts the best practices of the business world to boost cost-efficiency and reduce the time from contract development to delivery. Acquisition Management prepares you fully to understand and apply these new acquisition techniques, teaching you how to manage contract risk and work more effectively as a member of a multi-functional team.

Key Features

  • Reviews acquisition principles to help you develop a basis for decision-making
  • Gives you step-by-step guidance for every phase of the process, from solicitation to closeout
  • Places the procurement process in a risk management context to help you troubleshoot problems and ensure success
  • Outlines the roles and tasks of major players in the process to help you work more effectively as part of the contracting team
  • Presents pertinent information from the FAR at each applicable point in the acquisition process


  1. Reform of the Federal Acquisition System
  2. Introduction to the Federal Acquisition Process
  3. Acquisition Planning
  4. The Solicitation
  5. Bid and Proposal Preparation
  6. Source Selection, Negotiations, and Contract Award
  7. Contract Performance
  8. Contract Closeout

About the Author

R. Marshall Engelbeck retired as a Colonel after twenty-eight years of active service as an Air Force logistician. During this time he developed his contracting expertise by working directly with government contracts for eight years. After retiring as Vice Commander of the Air Force Contract Management Division, Marshall spent ten years as a Senior Contract and Proposal Manager with the Defense Communications Division of Rockwell-Collins in Richardson, Texas. During this time he also taught Management of Government Contracts and Contemporary Contracting at the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management.

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