Performance-Oriented Management: A Guide for Government Agencies - Larry Pederson

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© 2002, 6" x 9" hardcover, 340 pages
ISBN 1-56726-132-9
Product Code B329
By Larry Pederson

Today's Best Performance Improvement Practices Tailored to Government

Performance-Oriented Management: A Practical Guide for Government Agencies
will help you make a smooth transition from a management philosophy that is reactive and task-oriented to one based on a vision of accomplishment.

With this practical, authoritative, and comprehensive guidebook, you'll have a tested framework and process for making the change to performance improvement. The method is based on the acclaimed Malcolm Baldrige Assessment Criteria for performance improvement, which are regarded as a national benchmark.

Performance-Oriented Management will give you a solid understanding of the basics of performance improvement. With this must-have resource, you'll:

  • Get a detailed method to position your organization for major change
  • Understand the benefits of performance-oriented, rather than task-oriented, management
  • Learn how to determine your destination (vision) and your starting point (assessment)
  • Discover why top management must initiate and drive the change
  • Learn why assessment and strategic planning are of paramount importance — not add-on programs for an already-overloaded workforce
  • Find out why it's critical that planning drives the budget, rather than the budget driving planning.
  • Develop a step-by-step, comprehensive, top-down method for implementing performance improvement


1. Planning to Plan
2. Assess Yourself
3. Prepare for an Initial Offsite
4. The First Offsite
5. Commit to Change
6. Offsite II
7. Deployment
8. Human Resources
9. Process Identification and Management
10. Performance Management System
11. Keep the Customer in the Game
12. The Next Assessment
13. Using Assessment Feedback for the Next Offsite
14. Performance Management and Continuous Improvement
15. Case Studies
16. Conclusion

About the Author

Larry Pederson is a specialist in total quality management, strategic planning, and performance management in government agencies. He is Chief of Strategic Planning for the Army at the Deputy Chief of Staff for Base Operation Support, Training, and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe, Virginia. Formerly he served as Deputy Director of Morale Welfare and Recreation. While in that position, Larry received extensive training and experience in the Malcolm Baldrige Assessment Criteria and the Army's version, Army Performance Improvement Criteria.

Larry has served as the lead examiner for Army Communities of Excellence and also serves on the Board of Examiners for the President's Quality Award. He has also conducted numerous offsites for organizational strategic planning for the Army and for private sector organizations.

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