The Business of Government: Strategy, Implementation, and Results - Thomas Kessler, and Patricia Kelley
The Business of Government: Strategy, Implementation, and Results -  Thomas Kessler, and Patricia Kelley

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©2000, 6 " x 9" hardcover
ISBN 978-1-56726-093-9
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By: Thomas G. Kessler, DBA, and Patricia A. Kelley, M.S.

The Business of Government is your guide to a new breed of business planning that meshes private sector strategies with a methodology designed exclusively for the public sector.

No other strategic planning guide offers this hands-on, public sector focus. The Business of Government provides guidance, tools, and real-world examples you can use right away to analyze where you stand and what specific steps are needed to take you to the "managing for results" platform that is the centerpiece of the Results Act of 1993 – and your springboard to a whole new level of performance.

It explains how to initiate, manage, measure and sustain a remarkable transformation - an approach proven to produce a dramatic impact on public policy and service to the citizen. Plus, the book includes model documents ready to adapt for your own program, including an actual business plan, sample financials, and sample performance report.

Learn how to define and deliver a new era of results as you:

  • Dramatically improve critical thinking and innovation
  • Develop a business strategy proven to work in government
  • Overcome implementation obstacles - including "old culture"
  • Align support organizations
  • Establish a senior management council
  • Oversee strategy implementation teams
  • Write annual performance reports explaining your results

Profit from expert advice on applying today's best "smart government" tools, including these:

  1. Strategies: Transformational leadership strategies that address change-resistance, skills gaps and other challenges.
  2. Gap analysis methodology: A proven model for assessing how your organization may have drifted from mission — and how to get back on track.
  3. Tactics: Specific technology, human resource, and process solutions for adjusting and invigorating your programs.
  4. Case studies: Real-world "lessons learned" to help you apply the most successful solutions and avoid pitfalls that have cost other agencies time, money, and results.
  5. Action points: Steps for creating a new-era workplace that rewards employees, taxpayers and program "clients."

Table of Contents

Part 1 Understanding the Current Situation & Associated Causes
1. Government Reform & Government Reinvention Initiatives
2. Why Organizations Tend to Be Bureaucratic

Part 2 Developing Effective Business Strategy
3. The Public Sector Business Planning Process
4. Setting the Stage: Analyzing Program Logic
5. Developing a Public Sector Business Plan
6. A Closer Look at Developing Public Sector Strategy
7. Role of Support Organizations in the Planning Process

Part 3 Successfully Implementing Strategy
8. Implementation Challenges
9. First-Year Implementation Activities
10. Linking the Planning & Budget Processes
11. Monitoring Progress & Mentoring Implementation Teams
12. Catching Your Breath at the End of the First Year

Part 4 Achieving Results
13. Second Year and Beyond: Best Thinking & Sustained Progress
14. Using Performance Reports to Inform Stakeholders
15. Governmentwide Implications

The Business of Government is written by practitioners exclusively for public sector policymakers and managers.

Thomas G. Kessler, DBA, is a partner and director at the Center for Strategic Management, and Associate Professor at Central Michigan University, with over 20 years of administrative and technical experience with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and the Maryland State Judiciary. Through consulting engagements and presentations at numerous professional conferences, Dr. Kessler works directly with a wide range of senior government officials.

Patricia Kelley is a senior consultant with the Center for Strategic Management with over 15 years of experience. She draws on a variety of senior management positions with the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. Ms. Kelley also draws on experience with the U.S. General Accounting Office where she evaluated the effectiveness of a wide range of programs, including those in the Government Printing Office, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, as well as the departments of Defense, Treasury, and Agriculture.

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