Software Project Management - Robert Bruce Kelsey
Software Project Management - Robert Bruce Kelsey

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© 2006, 6" x 9" softcover, 210 pages
ISBN 978-1-56726-173-8
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By Robert Bruce Kelsey, PhD

Software Project Management: Measures for Improving Performance focuses on more than the mechanics of project execution. By showing the reader how to identify and solve real world problems that put schedule, cost, and quality at risk, this guide gets to the heart of improving project control and performance.

  • Identify measurement needs and goals
  • Determine what measures to use to maximize the value of data
  • Interpret data and report the results
  • Diagnose quality and productivity issues
  • Use metrics data to solve real problems

This is a must-read for project managers and engineering managers working in organizations where deadlines are tight, the workload is daunting, and daily crises are the rule rather than the exception. The text provides simple run rate data through progressively advanced measures, as well as:

  • Examples that show you how to combine measures to solve complex problems
  • Exercises that guide you through best practices for metric program development and implementation

From beginning to end, Software Project Management: Measures for Improving Performance guides you to improved project performance — long before you turn the last page!


Measures, Goals, and Strategies Introduction • Implementing and Measurement Architecture • Applying the Basics: Run Rates • Behind the Line: Attribute Analyses • Measuring Up: Historical Data and Indicators • Graphical Display of Data • Reality Check: The Human Side of the Numbers

About the Author

Robert Bruce Kelsey, Ph.D., is well recognized for his expertise in software engineering and project management. He has authored two dozen papers on software metrics, process improvement, and quality assurance. He is on the editorial or review boards of several industry journals and professional organizations, and as a member of the IEEE Standards Association he contributes to the IEEE learning technology and software standards. Also an experienced course developer and instructor with broad interests, Dr. Kelsey has taught in corporate, university, and community college settings on topics ranging from software quality assurance, to astronomy, to logic.

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