Right-Brain Project Management - Michael Aucoin
Right-Brain Project Management

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©2007, 6"x9" softcover, 300 pages
ISBN 978-1-56726-206-3
Product Code B063
By B. Michael Aucoin

Right-Brain Project Management: A Complementary Approach looks at contemporary project management from a fresh perspective, exploring “right-brain" approaches that are intuitive and capitalize on natural human thinking and activity. Coupled with the logical and formal, or “left-brain," methodology associated with conventional project management, facilitation of right-brain functions offers a good range of techniques for project success. Presenting extensive research and the experiences of project managers who use right-brain approaches successfully, this book sheds a unique and hopeful light on conquering the challenges of contemporary projects. In this valuable resource, you will:

  • Explore the current landscape of project management, which highlights contemporary projects that are complex and aggressive
  • Examine topics that address how people grow and develop patterns of thinking and attitudes that have a profound effect on the management of projects
  • Consider what truly motivates people to get out of bed and right to their projects
  • Evaluate the profound changes that take place on projects and how to navigate those changes
  • Discover the seven principles of right-brain project management, founded on the powerful and rich processing capabilities of the right brain

Learn how the successful project manager can become a whole-brain project manager by enlisting resources from both the right and the left sides, and how to further enhance project management by incorporating innovation and flexibility.

Contents What’s Wrong with Project Management? • Child’s Play... And Maturity • Two Brains are Better than One • Motivation: The Need to Act • Projects Create Change, Change Needs Leadership • Tools of the Trade: Working with the Right Brain • Doing What Works: Contemporary Projects in an Accelerated World • Making the Complex Simple • That’s Incredible: Case Studies of Phenomenal Projects • Principles of Right Brain Project Management • Discovering Fire: Find the Compelling Purpose • Solving the Mystery: Make Sense of the Project • A Trip to the Laboratory: Experiment and Adapt • Painting Without Numbers: Create the New Reality • Doing Business with a Handshake: Exercise and Fulfill Trust • All That Jazz: Hit the Sweet Spot • Telling the Story: Leave a Legacy • The Hero in Us All: The Moral of the Story

About the Author

Dr. B. Michael Aucoin is the President of Leading Edge Management, Inc., and Electrical Expert, Inc., located in College Station, Texas, and provides corporate training in project management and engineering management. Dr. Aucoin received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science from the University of New Orleans, a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a Doctor of Engineering from Texas A&M. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and has earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.

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