Project Management Essential Library
Project Management Essential Library

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Product Code: B54X

The Project Management Essential Library from Management Concepts is a series of eleven books, each of which covers a separate and distinct area of project management. The series provides project managers with new skills, clear explanations, and innovative approaches to the fundamentals of managing projects effectively. Whether further developing the skills you already have or adding tools to your repertoire, you will find insights in the Project Management Essential Library series you can immediately implement.

Most project management books are written by one person who attempts to cover the entire array of project management topics. The authors of the Project Management Essential Library are identified experts in each topic area. You'll get the best from the best: planning and scheduling, integrating project information and personnel, project estimating and cost management, building effective work breakdown structures, using measurement to further your project and the effectiveness of your organization, implementing risk management, instituting quality, and realizing the business goals of your organization when you manage the project. Each book includes tables, charts, and easy-to-understand graphics and is indexed for easy access.

Books included in the series:

Managing Projects for Value
by John C. Goodpasture, PMP

The successful project manager must understand enough about business goals and practices to translate business values into project values. This book gives the project manager the necessary tools to do that.

Project Risk Management: A Proactive Approach

by Paul S. Royer, PMP
Addresses the underlying process of successful risk management throughout a project's lifecycle. The book provides practical, tested, proactive risk management techniques for the practicing project manager and risk management awareness for project stakeholders.

Project Measurement
by Steve Neuendorf
Much of what organizations do or want to do depends on an ability and capacity to quantitatively assess actions and results. Project Measurement serves as a guide for realizing project and organizational success through measurement success.

Project Estimating and Cost Management
by Parviz F. Rad, Ph.D.
This book covers the fundamentals of estimating projects in a discipline-independent context including the essentials of project estimating, progress monitoring, and cost management.

Effective Work Breakdown Structures
by Gregory T. Haugan, Ph.D., PMP
This book fills a long-standing need for a comprehensive, cohesive, and practical description of the work breakdown structure (WBS) concept and its application. It discusses how to use the WBS throughout the life of the project as a key tool for planning, control, and communication.

Project Planning and Scheduling
by Gregory T. Haugan, Ph.D., PMP
The ability to effectively plan and schedule is critical to a project's success. This book provides a step-by-step approach to planning and scheduling, with advanced scheduling techniques for both large and small projects.

Managing Project Integration
by Denis F. Cioffi, Ph.D.
This book provides you with methods for integrating information from tools such as resource breakdown structures, network diagrams, Gantt charts, and budgets, to an approach that will help you succeed at integrating what's most critical to your project's success-people.

Managing Project Quality
by Timothy J. Kloppenborg, Ph.D., PMP, and Joseph A. Petrick, Ph.D., SPHR
Combines project management with quality management to offer practical guidance that helps you achieve project quality. Includes a detailed stage-specific flowchart of activities correlated with appropriate tools that enable you to meet customer expectations and institutionalize project quality.

Project Leadership
by Timothy J. Kloppenborg, Ph.D., PMP and Art Shriberg, EdD, and Jayashree Venkatraman, MS, MBA
With this book, learn what it takes to be an effective project leader. You'll trace the development of project leadership, focus on the leadership role at each stage of the project lifecycle, and develop wisdom in making crucial decisions.

Six Sigma for Project Managers
by Steve Neuendorf
Six Sigma is a collection of ideas and tools that many organizations are using as part of their efforts to improve the quality of their products and services. Six Sigma for Project Managers explores the concepts that project managers need to know to make six sigma work for their organizations.

The Triple Constraints in Project Management
by Michael Dobson
From the novice to the most experienced and senior project manager, triple constraint issues are at the core of the most crucial decisions about a project.
The Triple Constraints in Project Management explores the triangle of time, cost, and performance that bounds the universe within which every project must be accomplished – and shows how controlling the hierarchy of constraints can mean the difference between success and failure on virtually any project.

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