Performance Budgeting: What Works, What Doesn't - William Arnold
Performance Budgeting: What Works, What Doesn't - William Arnold

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©2008, 7" x 10" hardcover with CD-ROM, 235 pages
ISBN 978-1-56726-226-1
Product Code B261
By William G. Arnold, CDFM-A, CCA

Improve Your Agency's Performance Budgets and Accountability Reports

Performance Budgeting: What Works, What Doesn’t is a must-have resource for government officials implementing performance budgeting within their organizations. The author examines performance budgets and accountability reports from a cross-section of federal agencies and offers an objective critique of both their form and content. Examples of the best—and the worst—federal performance budgeting efforts offer insights and lessons for agency officials charged with determining the best performance budgeting techniques to put into practice. Readers will benefit from reviewing examples of other organizations’ work and will learn how to use evaluation tools to apply performance budgeting techniques to their own organizations.

  • Understand the evolution of performance budgeting and its inherent advantages
  • Examine the performance budgets and results for eleven federal agencies
  • Benchmark against the best agency submissions, and avoid the pitfalls of poor budgets and accountability reports
  • Identify the attributes of good performance measures and learn how to develop them

Bonus! Includes a CD-ROM with the latest performance and accountability reports for all 24 CFO agencies.

Chapter 1. Performance Budgeting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Chapter 2. OMB Requirements—The Framework
Chapter 3. Performance Measures—The Keys to Success
Chapter 4. Report Format: What Works, What Doesn’t
Chapter 5. Report Content: What Works, What Doesn’t
Epilogue. The Future of Performance Budgeting

About the Author

William G. Arnold, CDFM-A, CCA, worked with the Department of Defense for 34 years, over 25 of which he spent in financial management. Having held positions as Budget Officer, Director of Resource Management, Director of Disbursing, and Entitlements Director with the Air Force and Defense Finance and Accounting Service, he has been directly involved in performance budgeting on a continuous basis since 1978. Mr. Arnold has also prepared performance budgets for firms in the private sector. He holds a master’s degree in financial management from Central Michigan University.

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