Human Resources Framework for the Public Sector - Dixon Southworth
Human Resources Framework for the Public Sector - Dixon Southworth

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© 2009, 6" x 9" hardcover, 282 pages
ISBN 978-1-56726-238-4
Product Code B384
By Dixon Southworth

An Entirely New Way to Look at Human Resources in the Public Sector

What makes a good worker? Why do some people naturally do well at their jobs while others struggle? These questions are at the heart of the human resource (HR) profession. And while there is no shortage of theories about how people achieve success, no one has explained the entire body of HR theories. Until now.

In A Human Resources Framework for the Public Sector, Dixon Southworth offers a fresh, new perspective on HR management with the first comprehensive theoretical framework for work performance, tying human resource theories, concepts, and concerns to public administration. With the introduction of the Work Performance Framework (WPF), Southworth offers a roadmap for work performance in the nonprofit and public sectors that focuses on three fundamental objectives of HR programs and services: build human resource capacity, build performance, and build community.

A Human Resources Framework for the Public Sector is an invaluable resource for public service HR professionals and public administrators looking to build better HR programs, as well as academics researching important HR issues. This book offers the comprehensive framework needed to:

  • Identify and evaluate areas of strength and weakness in HR programs
  • Create a vision for future HR programs
  • Establish succession plans for the recruitment and development of the next generation of public administrators
  • Better understand why and how successful people and organizations achieve their success


Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Work Performance Framework
Chapter 2: The Human Resource
Chapter 3: Enablers: The Bridge to Success
Chapter 4: Work Inputs: The Cause of Everything
Chapter 5: Work Processes: How the Work Gets Done
Chapter 6: Work Outputs: The Direct Results of the Work
Chapter 7: Outcomes
Chapter 8: Impacts
Chapter 9: Building a Human Resource Performance Dashboard

About the Author

Dixon Southworth, MPA, is a consultant for the New York State Comptroller in the Office of Human Resources, where he is developing effectiveness and efficiency measures and measurement instruments for HR programs and services. He regularly applies the many aspects of the Work Performance Framework to his work. He was formerly a leader in the use and development of performance assessments for civil service examinations at the New York State Department of Civil Service.

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