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Acquisition Management
Acquisition Management - R. Marshall Engelbeck
Our Price: $99.00

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Today's Best Procurement Practices

Contract Administration & Closeout
Contract Administration and Closeout - Gregory Garrett
Our Price: $12.95

Many buyers and sellers focus their efforts on getting the contract - and don't properly plan, staff, or supervise contract administration and closeout. This ActionPack book shows you how to prepare for the post-award phase so that you the maximize success of your contract. You'll get a firm grounding in contract administration - plus practical tools to help you avoid delays and cost overruns and improve performance and customer satisfaction.

Contract Formation
Contract Formation - Gregory Garrett, William Pursch
Our Price: $12.95

Learn how to establish successful business relationships and winning contracts for both parties. Get a solid grounding in the acquisition process, learn the roles of key players, and discover the rules of the game. This practical book briefs you on key steps in contract formation, essential elements of a binding contract, principal objectives for buyers and sellers, and much, much more. Whether you’re forming a contract for the first or fiftieth time, you’ll improve your results with best practices and tools for success.

Cost Estimating and Pricing (ActionPack)
Cost Estimating and Pricing (ActionPack) - Gregory Garrett
Our Price: $12.95

Pricing is at the heart of every deal in government or business – but figuring out the right approach isn’t easy. This ActionPack book gives you an overview of key estimating and pricing issues – and outlines a variety of approaches to cost estimating and pricing. Whether you’re an entry-level or experienced professional, you’ll learn invaluable new techniques for achieving the best pricing results.

Cost-Based Pricing: A Guide for Government Contractors
Cost-Based Pricing: A Guide for Government Contractors - Darrell Oyer
Our Price: $85.00

This master reference is essential if you contract with the government!

Correctly pricing your goods or services—and making certain that those prices are in compliance with myriad federal rules and regulations—is essential to doing business with the government…and ensuring your commercial success.

Earned Value Management
Earned Value Management - Gregory Garrett
Our Price: $12.95

Learn to use this proven-effective method to integrate cost, schedule, and technical performance. Get a briefing on essential terms, key objectives, benefits of EVM, best practices and how to implement them, regulations governing the use of EVM, and much, much more. If you’re new to EVM, you’ll get the basic understanding you need to apply techniques. If you’re already familiar with EVM, you’ll increase and strengthen your knowledge for greater success.

Essentials for Government Contract Negotiators
Essentials for Government Contract Negotiators - LeGette McIntyre
Our Price: $69.00

Learn to negotiate by applying business-savvy negotiation strategies and tactics, anticipating and countering the other side’s strategies and tactics, and concluding and documenting the negotiation successfully. Essentials for Government Contract Negotiators focuses on the distinctive aspects of government negotiations, helping you hold your own in an actual, sit-down negotiation session with a skilled counterpart.

Federal Acquisition: Key Issues & Guidance
Federal Acquisition: Key Issues and Guidance - Paula Compton
Our Price: $65.00

Take the First Step Toward Building a Strong Foundation in Federal Acquisition!

Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy - Stan Uhlig
Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy - Stan Uhlig
Our Price: $45.00

Follow the Path to Success in Federal Construction Contracting

Opportunities abound in federal government construction contracting, but the devil is in the details.

Federal Contracting Answer Book, Third Edition - Terrence O’Connor, Mary Ann Wangemann
Federal Contracting Answer Book, Third Edition - Terrence O’Connor, Mary Ann Wangemann
Our Price: $95.00

Thousands of contracting professionals have relied on the Federal Contracting Answer Book as their trusted guide to the highly regulated world of government procurement.